Get to know Deposit Online

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Benefits to your business:

  • Save time and money - Eliminates the need to prepare manual deposits and make trips to the bank. Can eliminate or greatly reduce the transportation costs.
  • Improve funds availability - Funds can be deposited in the bank the same day you receive them - even from remote geographic areas.
  • Improves accuracy and risk- The system verifies the user's input, thus a more accurate deposit is created, resulting in fewer bank deposit adjustments. Can also provide faster returned-check notification based on quicker deposit time.
  • Consolidate banking relationships - Deposits can be made directly to INTRUST from any of your locations, reducing the need for multiple bank relationships.


Deposit Online may be right for your business if:

  • You hold on to checks for over a day or two.
  • Your business has multiple outlets receiving check payments
  • Any of your locations are more than five miles from an INTRUST banking center.
  • Your deposits primarily consists of U.S. checks, and not international items or cash.